writing a story?

“ everybody has a novel inside them” and “a writer writes, an editor edits”. Two phrases that I have heard. I seem to have two novels stuck inside me, and I forget that he I ever finish them an editor will correct the awful grammar and spelling… assuming that they ever get finished and are good enough to get an editors attention.

Yes. I have attempted to write.

When I had the germ of my “main” novel I was very excited. It’s a kind of “in the future/science fiction/social commentary” kinda thing. I got less and less excited when over time I realised that a lot of my “original” ideas had been done before. The longer I sat on my story the more often I saw other ideas crop up in the science and technology periodicals.

The second idea is a pretty well used format. A kinda dystopian “mad max” style world where the two main protagonists start off as your average Joe who have been transported to that alternate universe via a catastrophic accident instigated by an experiment with the LHC  at cern. 

They progress through the story by going on a journey to find answers (to why they are there and how to get back). They start of as relatively decent people but have to toughen up in order to survive. 

I am hoping that it will be a (darkly) amusing tale filled with action (guns, explosions) and weird stuff 

 Incidentally, I was planning on using that same LHC accident as background for my main novel – our earth gets flipped into a parallel universe for a micro second. It’s screws up the orbit when it returns so there has to be a planned exodus of the surviving population before the our planet wobbles off and becomes uninhabitable.

……Yeah, something like that anyway. 

One day…. One day I’ll knuckle down and flesh out a bit more. 

I suppose, too, that I should actually learn how to plan and structure stories too. Right now I have ideas and, as Indiana Jones once said “I’m making it up as I go along”


2 thoughts on “writing a story?”

  1. I’ll add to your quotes, Stephen King said, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” And I said, “If you are going to write, then write.”
    Everyone has a novel in them? I don’t know about that. I know a lot of shallow people. Maybe a picture book for some…

    In my experience…the best way to complete a literary work is an outline and consistency. Writing a book is similar to paving a road. One does not stop every five feet to make sure every five feet of road is perfect.
    First you plow through–removing debris, making the ground level. Then cement is poured, You have to wait for things to harden before going over it again…
    It’s a long, arduous process. The first draft, in my opinion–is the easiest one. It’s the revising/rewriting/editing part that’s monotonous and discouraging.

    Where was I going with this? Oh right. Your idea. Yes, people have probably had similar ideas you’ve had. Think of it this way. George RR Martin has a partially finished fantasy series that millions apparently love. I could name a dozen fantasy authors off the top of my head who have similar stories but tell that story A LOT BETTER.

    That’s what you have to offer. Telling a story–even if it is similar or the same–but differently and/or better.

    But that’s just my opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.


    1. I appreciate your opinion and I think that I became “stuck” with the first, main, story because I was writing it as it unfolded. By that I mean that I only had a sketchy idea of what was going to happen next.
      I also bogged myself down with detail too.
      The other “mad max” one was more fun. Simply because I wrote scenarios as they popped into my head and the characters almost reacted naturally to the situations that I put them in.
      I also wrote for myself. For my own amusement. Not sure if that is a good thing in respect to getting something publishable (or good for that matter) but I do sometimes miss the buzz where my brain is fizzing with ideas and “what ifs”


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