Well now. 

I’m on my lunch break and in a totally different county. Sounds impressive until you realise that the county border is only 40 odd miles from the city where I live. 

I’m munching my sandwiches and feeling a bit introspective. I love (most parts) of my job and it’s something that I am relatively good at but….. 

I want more out of life. 
That was written middle of last week. Again I’m on a break (in “my own” county this time) and I still want more out of life. 

It seems selfish when I read that back to myself. I mean I have a job and a very beautiful and intelligent wife. I am able to just about live debt free (utility bills and living expenses don’t count). So why do I want more?

I want to improve the lifestyle for my wife and myself. I want to spend more time with her. I also want to “get somewhere” in employment. I realise now that although my job is pretty cool (mostly – there are some horrible bits to it), I cannot progress. There is no career ladder. 

So I’m looking ahead. I’m on the cusp of becoming a businessman. 
For me this is easier said than done. I have always been a “worker”. Kept my head down and got on with the job, and stuck in a workers mindset. It’s only recently that I have thought that I could become self employed. That thought has been snowballing and the fact that my beautiful alien is business minded gives me more confidence. 
Hopefully this will come to something.


Other news: fallen off the damn waggon and have started smoking again. Buggeration! Still hate the idea of being an addict and am *trying* to curb it. I’m trying to keep in mind that I managed to give up for over a month (a record since only managed a day last time I tried to quit). Granted, I was on anti-smoking pills but that’s not the point, dammit. 

I don’t want to but if needs be ill go on the buggers again. 

3 thoughts on “Work”

    1. The site wasn’t letting me post so I put in 1’s and 0’s. That worked. Tried my original post and it went through. I would have deleted but I don’t have that option.


  1. Greetings yet again Grumpy.
    I wanted to share with you a quote I came upon today. (Which also happened to be shortly after I read your post):

    “A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with that he has done.” -Cardinal Newman

    I mentioned to Alien how I have a couple journal entries (a journal is like a tangible blog only you read for everyone under the age of 30) that have almost the exact wording you used in this post. From wanting more out of life to giving addiction the finger.
    And you know, you would think that more people would relate to the addiction thing–seeing how many can’t go even an hour without their phone (connecting to the interwebs).

    I will say this on ‘Wanting more out of life’: Exercise some faith. I know, it’s a religious word and I know how the majority feels about religion or anything that might restrict them in any way. But from my experience and because I feel you and I are very similar beings–I know that the better life we desire is not going to be handed to us. If a change it going to take place, it’s because WE are going to change it.

    So I say do not wait. Do the hard work and make the sacrifices no one else is willing to do. Alien sounds very supportive–and that’s half of what you need in my opinion.
    Believe the rest will work itself out once you’ve done all you can do.


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