Manchester :(

Yesterday, after hearing about what happened in Manchester, Grumpy stopped being grumpy for a while. I think he was a little bit more angry than grumpy, and I know why he felt what he felt. The explosive attack was one of the biggest terrorist attack in the city, and one of the biggest in the country after 7/7. It was also the one with the most fatalities as well…

I don’t blame him to feel angry. I don’t blame anyone to feel angry. To feel more than just sympathy, or sad.

I have never been to Manchester, and to be honest I don’t know what Ariana Grande was until the she was featured in the news. It was her concert anyway. But Manchester… I heard about it since I was very very young. I watched football games on telly with my dad, with him cheering for Liverpool FC, and I fangirling for David Beckham…

It is the hometown of my teenage-dream rockstar Noel Gallagher.

And Manchester is one of the many reasons why I am here where I am now. Manchester is one of the reason why I came to this country. So, even though I haven’t been to Manchester yet (time and money… ), I do feel a certain connection to it — albeit very superficial.

I don’t have much angry words for now. At least not those which are safe for the consumption of people under 21 years old. But I do have some words… and I said it already.

Learning from experience, I know that British people are one of the most resilient people. Grump reminded me that when the attack in Westminster Palace happened not so long time ago. I really hope he’s proven right again this time, and hopefully the city, and the people of Manchester would recover soon…

With lots of love…

From us

2 thoughts on “Manchester :(”

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