starving the caveman day 4

Day 4

Been a bit of an odd one today. 

The caveman was constant but muted. My craving/withdrawal was like a low-key buzz in the background. Always there but mostly ignorable. 

When I got home I had supper then went to vote (not satisfied because I don’t like any of the candidates so I went for the best of a bad bunch). My beautiful alien wife introduced me to a game on Steam. Bloody thing is addictive! I ended up so absorbed that I totally “forgot” that I was trying to quit smoking. I only remembered when after a few hours I suddenly thought “haven’t had a fag in ages, I think I’ll go outside for a smo…. oh. Yeah. Right. I’m quitting”

I noticed this the last time I quitted. I’ll not crave and forget I’m quitting then suddenly think that it’s time for a cigarette. 

Oh well. I’m still doing well so that’s all good. Time for bed!