Yup. Been a while since I updated. “Life” kinda happened after my holiday and I have fallen off the bloggy radar for a while. Plus I haven’t been feeling too well recently and that’s been a bit of a distraction. 
I have been updating this blog, but just in my head. By the time I have time to type I’m already doing other stuff. 


I’m pretty sure that my beautiful alien wife has told you about the holiday to Budapest. My take on it will be a bit shorter… It was awesome! I love travelling with my alien and I love to see and learn about other places. The whole trip was wonderful (even the bits that were bit worrying at the time).

And now to the caveman.

I went off the rails for a week or so after my trip to Budapest. It started with “just one cigarette”. I really fancied a relaxing smoke while enjoying the view (in Budapest). We bought a packet of cigarettes (because you can’t just buy one, dammit) and  that was the start. 

I ran out of anti smoking pills earlier than expected and went a day or two without. This was while I had the cigarettes so… yeah… I smoked. 

When I got home I found the prescription waiting for me. They had given me the starter pack instead of the continuation pack. Not sure if that was deliberate or a mistake but the lower dose meant that I was smoking still – the starter packs are designed so you can still smoke for the first week of starting the course of pills. 

I have noticed that this lot of pills were making me feel sick (once I got onto the “full” dose. Nausea is an expected side effect and if I get it, it would usually last half an hour or so. I cannot say for sure if it was the pills but last week I started to feel really ill. So much so that I stopped the course early. 

I have no idea how long the treatment is meant to go on for but I’m hoping that now I can go cold turkey without them. 

So far it’s going… ok.  I have had the occasional smoke but I haven’t been regularly (or massively) smoking. I’ll admit though that it’s hard. Very hard. 

I thought that the pills were not really doing much now but I suspect that they were. I can usually cope with not smoking during work time (just the occasional “pull” after lunch) but it’s really bad evenings and weekends. I seem to get really agitated and can really feel the cravings. 

One day… ill either not smoke at all, or have the occasional social smoke without “needing” to smoke. 

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