long weekend….

Here in the UK there is another bank holiday. it’s basically a public holiday and today is monday.

What I love the most about bank holidays is not the prospect of a three-day weekend (which is awesome), or the fact that it’s a paid holiday (also awesome – day off work and still get paid). No, for me the best bit is first thing monday morning. I wake up without needing an alarm and even if it’s still early I can snuggle down in the duvet and not worry about rushing about getting ready for work.

ahhh… bliss!

My beautiful alien alluded to the fact that one can be either productive or “blobby” during long weekends (weekends in general for me!). I tend to steer towards the blobby end of that spectrum. yes, I know that I work during the week but I also know that I totally enjoy “not thinking” during my downtime. For me, everything slows down when im not at work. im either “recovering” from a hard (or stressful) week or I end up with no solid plans of things “to do”.

Oh, and when I say “not thinking” a mean that I use forms of escapism – computer games, or reading  – in order for my subconscious (or whatever “deep part it is”) to work through plans, ideas ,and stresses. I usually see it as a big cauldron of thoughts quietly bubbling away an a back room.

There is a happy mix this weekend though. I have spent my time both blobbing hard and “doing stuff”. I have been…. outside! *gasps*. We (my beautiful alien and myself) have been out and about not only doing mundane things (shopping – always fun with my beautiful alien), but we have also done some exploring.

er… by “exploring” I mean a brief visit to a “tourist-y” village and a drive around the city looking at property.

as for the blobby side of things….

I havent been “productive” but I have lost myself in a couple of good books. I have re-read “The White Tiger” (by Aravind Adiga)  – a really really good read!

I also found a book on my bookshelf that I hadn’t read before!  –  very rare and exciting occurrence  – it was a Clive Cussler novel called “The Pacific Vortex”. that, too was pretty good.

and now… now I am re-reading “The Persona Protocol” by Andy McDermott.

…yeah, I have spent a lot of time in my broken office chair reading with my feet up while drinking copious amounts of filter coffee.

All in all, my kinda weekend.

except that I have just realised that there is still some more laundry and general housework to do. meh, not yet though. it’s a holiday



Weekends are usually one of these two things. Either it would be the most productive days of the week — when you do everything that you’ve planned the whole weekdays, such as getting the allotment plot cleared, weeding the flower border, baking three different bread in the kitchen (just because you can), writing seven chapter of what soon will become the next bestseller… or even have a lot of walking and grocery shopping for the week ahead.

Or, you turn into the most useless creature of the planet. Glued to the sofa, watching the daytime weekend TV program (which is essentially the dumbed down version of the daytime weekdays TV program), and munching the content of the sharing pack of crisps yourself. Sometimes, if you can be bothered, you might make some effort to brush the crumbs from your clothes…

But whichever it is…

Weekends are the best because you can be alone.

I don’t know about most of you, but socialising is not really my favourite thing to do.

While some people get energised by being among the crowd, I found it makes me very uncomfortable and tiring. I could spend the whole day cleaning the gunk and grease from the oven, and feel very cheerful by dinner time, but I will be completely wasted after two hours of having a constant conversation. That’s probably why I am not a good host for any visiting guests.

Anyway… It is going to be a long weekend — they call it bank holiday weekend here.

I kind of hope it is going to be a fun and productive weekend, but nobody knows. Who knows I will wake up tomorrow morning with a nasty spring flu (a.k.a terrible terrible hayfever reaction), and couldn’t even be bothered to even step out my front door. Hey! That’s not a bad idea. I could stay at home and write some more, or finish another knitting project…

Right… see you again soon.


P.S do